Rewards For Different Ages

No one reaches forty years in Islam except that Allah protects him from madness, leprosy and leucoderma. When he is fifty, Allah makes easy his reckoning. When he reaches sixty, Allah grants him repentance. And when he reaches seventy, Allah loves him and the inhabitants of the heavens love him. And when he reaches eighty, Allah accepts his good deeds and overlooks his sins. When he reaches ninety, Allah forgives his past and future sins, he is named ‘the prisoner of Allah on earth’ and is granted intercession (for forgiveness) for his family.’ (Baihaqi)


She Is Your Daughter-in-Law

by Naadira Chhipa_

She did not enter your home with the intention of causing a war between you and your loved ones, especially not between you and your son. She did not steal your son, she is not a trouble maker, she is not a spoilt brat, she is not lazy and she is not your personal slave. She is not on a mission to spend every cent in your sons bank account. Her ambition and goals in life are not to stand behind the stove all day, mop the floors until it shines bright or pick up the dirty plate on the table as your son refused to place his plate into the sink. She is not a puppet to be controlled as she has opinions and ideas of her own, and this does not make her a loud, disrespectful and stubborn woman. She is not an outsider in your home and heart. She is not an old rag to tear, use and discard without respect. Her heart is not a dustbin to throw harsh words and vulgarity into. She is not your enemy. She is not a wrong choice or a mistake.

She is the lady Allah chose to complete half of your sons imaan. She is the beautiful light that illuminates your home and heart. She is the coolness of your eyes and the warmth of your heart. She is the comfort of your sons life and his eternal love. She is the mother of your precious grandchildren. She is an important member of your amazing family. She is your dua being answered by the mercy of Allah. Her achievements and success is a reflection of you and your family. Her dreams should be embraced by you as you motivate and inspire her every step of the way. Her tears and fears should be comforted by you as you are her mother. She is your confidant, your friend, your advisor, your strength, your comfort, your happiness, your laughter and your daughter..

Yes your daughter that Allah gifted to you.

May Allah bless our daughters of this world with the best of families. Ameen


الحمد لله رب العالمين و الصلوة والسلام علي اشرف الانبياء و المرسلين سيدنا محمد و علي آله و صحبه اجمعين. اما بعد.

Ahh, so Ramadhaan has passed us. May Allah accept from us and grant us steadfastness. I think steadfastness is one the greatest and most difficult of qualities. It cannot be acquired overnight, it requires constant sacrifice, striving and du’aa. We ask Allah in every single rak’aat of Salaah ‘guide us to the straight path’. We translate مستقيم loosely as straight path, however the word comes from the root words استقامة which means steadfastness.

We read in the Ahaadith that when the Aayat of Surah Hood was revealed viz. And be steadfast as you have been commanded it became difficult on Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam and that was why his blessed hair began turning white. The ayat was weighty, actually the command itself was the difficult aspect.

Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam advised one Sahabi with the following words, although brief, they carry a lot of meaning:

Say I believe in Allah, then be steadfast.

Meaning be steadfast on the dictates of the Kalimah..and this is no easy thing. Daily, we have to check our Imaan.

Istiqaamat with regards to action is just as difficult. The key to this is moderation. Many a time we think that we have the ability of doing a lot of a’maal, yes no problem, have desire and zeal to do a lot of actions, however after carrying out the actions for few days, the zeal dies down and we become lazy. Therefore, the key is do what you are able to do. Be realistic. When you see that you have progressed, then increase. And we see in the Hadith, Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam mentioned that

Do not be like a certain man who began praying at night (standing at night in Ibaadah) and he left qiyaamul layl.

Do what you are able to do. Have aspirations and desire to increase. Have intention also to increase because you will be rewarded on your intention even though you don’t carry the action out. But one thing, we shouldn’t be satisfied with our actions, there’s always room for improvement. Similarly we shouldn’t become despondent. There are many aspects that we need reformation in, and we know that we need reformation.

May Allah grant us sincerity, steadfastness, and complete tazkiyah and reformation.

Comfort and Peace

We find comfort in sleep, however the comfort is short lived. We look for solutions in places other than deen. We search for solutions in the doings of the west, however comfort and ease is found in our deen. Forget all the long journeys to distant cities which are proven to be a means of comfort and rest to the heart and soul, forget those spa appointments which alleviate your stress, forget all of those things which have temporary help and temporary benefit.

Have you read or listened to the Qur’aan?

The Qur’aan is so beautiful SubhanAllah.

Have you ever felt pain whilst reading a novel; yes because you wanted this to happen and it didn’t. However each and every time you pick up the Qur’aan, you will find more and more solutions, more and more incidents, more and more aayat of hope and forgiveness. Besides pondering over the meaning, just reciting the Book…moments like those feel so surreal. Wallahi, the Qur’aan is so beautiful. The words, the recitation..just listening to a Qari recite brings happiness to ones heart. There is no guilt that follows it as is the case with music, which will bring absolutely no comfort to you. The Qur’aan, I can go on and on… But really, embrace your Qur’aan, hold it to your chest, kiss it, thank Allah. Umar radhiyAllahu anhu would say that this is the Speech of my Rabb. Hold it with respect, recite it with love and ishq, ask Allah to grant you the reality of the Qur’aan. Tell Allah, that o Allah I love Your Kalaam, and really we do..because it is so…beautiful, amazing, like honestly, just listen to it, have you felt such comfort and happiness?

Sayiduna Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi w salam) said, “Fasting and the Qur’an will intercede for the slave on the Day of Judgement. Fasting will say, ‘O My Lord! I prevented him from food and desires, so accept my intercession for him.’ And the Qur’an will say, ‘I prevented him from sleep during the night, so accept my intercession for him.’ ….thus they will intercede.”
Source: Musnad Ahmad no. 6337 – [Sahih]

We should all bear in mind that from the Hadith, (something to the effect) that the Qur’aan is either a proof for you or against you. This means that if we do not fulfill the rights of the Qur’aan, the Qur’aan will be a proof against us whereas if we fulfill the rights of the Qur’aan, then the Qur’aan will intercede on our behalf. This is a great fear for us and we should ask Allah to grant us the strength and ability to fulfill the rights of the Qur’aan willingly, with sincerity and acceptance.

May Allah make us amongst those who are the people of the Qur’aan, who fulfill the rights of the Qur’aan and recite it correctly with sincerity in the hours of the day and night…


Advice Before Ramadhaan

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh!

As we all are aware, Ramadhaan is soon to dawn over us..In Sha Allah!

I would like to share some advice with you, as well as for myself.

  • We should correct our intentions when doing actions during this month.
  • Actions are dependant on intentions therefore, with sincerity, for Allah Only, carry out A’maal.
  • Let us engage ourselves in lots of Tilawat. We must either be engaged in Tilawat or Dhikr. If not, we can engage in talk which isn’t vain, it should be beneficial.
  • Be generous. Its a Sunnah of Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam. He would spend in Ramadhaan more than he ever spent in any other month.
  • Dua. Ask of Allah for every need of yours. Yes, make dua for your worldly life but do not forget death and the hereafter.
  • Appreciate every moment. Do not be complacent in this regard. We do not know if we will live to see more Ramadhaans, so make the best of it.
  • Inculcate sunnah in your life. Do not trample upon the Sunnah. Miswaak, eating on the floor, suhoor, abstaining from sin..
  • Try to perform Sunnah ghair Mu’akkadah as well as Nawafil viz. Ishraaq, Salaatud Duha, Awaabeen and Tahajjud. Also, Tahiyyatul Wudhu.
  • Niyat of Nafl I’tikaaf when you enter your place of Ibaadah e.g your room for Taraaweeh.
  • Eat healthy foods. The Hadith mentions the word dates thereafter water. So break your fast with dates and water. Do not engage and occupy yourself in eating food after the Adhaan of Maghrib to such an extent where you are unable to perform your Maghrib with sufficient humility and concentration. Imam Bukhaari rahmatullahi alayh never ate gravy for 40 years, because of such sacrifice he has attained such acceptance. Yes, it is permissible to eat Halaal and Tayyib, but we shouldn’t over do it nor should we be extremely abstinent like the people of the past, as we do not posses such strength. Take the moderate path.
  • Qaylulah. Siesta. Rest in the afternoon, it is sunnah and it awakens you and keeps your mind awake to perform ibaadah at night.
  • If you have your haidh, assist the fasting ones in your house. Assist in chores and correct your niyat. Engage in Dhikr, Salaat and salaam. Perhaps listen to the Tarsweeh salaah and follow the translation. Despite being in haidh, the mercy of Allah will still descend so engage yourself in righteous deeds. Make dua as well.
  • Remember that every moment counts!

Remember me in your du’aas.

Ask Allah to reform you, ask Allah for sincerity, steadfastness, eagerness in matters of Deen, His Love and the love of those whom He loves. Ask Him to bless you with aafiyat (goodness, good health and conditions), barakah in rizq and contentment. Ask Allah for protection from the trials of Dajjal and the grave.

May Allah accept.

Miss Muslimah.