Dying to survive…

The cool breeze hit my face one Summer evening, 

I closed my eyes inhaling your imaginary scent, 

I could feel your presence, 

But you weren’t there in reality, 

The tears rolled down my cheeks freely, 

I turned my head in hope and longing, 

But you would never ever be there again, 

I sobbed until my heart soared in the ocean of sorrow, 

I had already swam too much in the ocean of desperation to come out, 

I was drowning, 

And only you couldv’e helped me, 

But you never would be there to help me, 

Here I am today; dying to survive…


Ya Rabbi! 

Ya Rabbi, I am lost… 

Ya Rabbi, I searched everywhere… everywhere… I couldn’t even find myself…

I want Your Love, 

I want Your Mercy, 

I need You O my Beloved Rabb… 

I desire Your House and the house of Your Beloved SalAllahu alayhi wa salam. 

But I will ask of You, only You, because You are closer to me than my own jugular vein, 

O my Rabb, guide me to goodness

O my Rabb, guide me to purity

O my Rabb, guide me to You. .

“And He found you lost and guided you..” [Surah Duha) 

♡ Home ♡

​My soul was in chaos, 

I couldn’t find myself, 

I was lost, 

In a temporary world, 

And then my Rabb brought me, 

To another world, 

My Rabb brought me home, 

Home where my heart lies, 

Home where his (salAllahu alayhi wa salam)’s blessed soul is buried, 

Madinah Munawwarah, 

I never felt such ecstasy at the sight of the Green Dome, 

I never found myself in a better place, 

My soul began to pour forth love, 

I never experienced such love, 

Such pure love, 

A love with no seperation, 

A love like no other, 

And when I uttered words of greeting to my Beloved, 

My heart skipped a million beats, 

I was in paradise on earth… 

Madinah is home.

 Madinah is heaven… 

Madinah is blessed… 

O my Rabb my desire is for the Muadhin of Masjidun Nabawi علي صاحبها الصلوة والسلام to say Assalaatu alal mayyitati yarhamukumullah (announcing a death of a fortunate person)! And I wish to be that very mayyitah that is destined for Baqi… in sha Allah ..
اللهم ارزقنا شهادة في سبيلك و اجعل موتي في بلد رسولك صلي الله عليه و سلم… 

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Take Me Back To Where I Truly Belong

You promised that
If I took one step towards You,
Then You’ll take ten towards me.

You promised that
If I walked towards You,
Then You’ll run towards me.

But Ya Allah,
I’m tripping, I’m stumbling,
And I’m falling as I attempt to walk.

But Ya Allah,
I’m trying to get up, I’m trying to stand
And I’m trying to be strong.

I am crying,
My eyes are swollen
As I call unto You.

I am grieving
My heart is breaking
As I call unto You

My voice whispers to You
In my sujood
Calling unto, As Samee’.

My tears are falling
In my palms
Calling unto, Al Wadood.

So, Ya rabbi,
When I’m on the ground
Please lift me up to my feet again.

So, Ya rabbi,
When I’m knocked down
Please give me life to stand again.

I want to be picked up,
And secured
In the comfort of Your embrace.

I want to be smiling
And happy
In the eternal love of Yours.

Ya Allah, take me back home
To Your house
Where I can be happy again
Where I truly belong…..

(This is a beautiful poem written by a friend of mines.)


I Miss You.

The world is a terrible place,
I wake up everyday thinking you’d come back,
I see you everywhere,
You at the back of my head,
You at the bottom of my heart,
But the best of it all – you in every single du’aa of mines.
I cry coz I miss you,
Coz I wish I could’ve told you how much you meant to me,
But you left all too soon,
It’s all too foreign to me,
I can’t breathe,
It feels like you right here,
Next to me,
But you not,
And it hurts.
I miss you so much,
And nothing can bring you back,
And that’s the sad truth,
Or maybe it’s the happy truth,
You happier,
Without this terrible world.

Oh how I wish I could just see your smile,
How I wish we could have those beautiful conversations,
They stored in my memories,
But won’t be in my future.

The only connection I have to you are memories..

And the closest connection is du’a..