You are for Madinah if Madinah is in you (In Sha Allah)

You are for Madinah if Madinah is in you (inshaAllah)


Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Sb mentioned a dream of an Aalim regarding Ml Siddeeq Baandwi Sb rahmatullahi alayhi. In the dream, there was a register of names of people who were to be buried in Jannatul Baqi. The man in charge told them to remove one of the names and allocate a place for Ml Siddeeq Sb, though he had passed away elsewhere. From here we learn that in Aakhirat, a different system prevails.                                                              

More than the place (Madinah Sharif), be concerned of the ways of Madina.

If an aeroplane can transfer people to another land, cannot Allah do that?! You pay the price, they (the airline) take you over…. Is this difficult for Allah?
Conform to the ways of Madinah.. (ie. the akhlaaq of Sahaabah radhiyAllahu anhum) It’s not difficult for Allah to transfer you over.

But if you consent to pride and haughtiness then a person can be deprived, even if he dies in Madinah. (Mufti Sb had been speaking about not desiring recognition, and increasing in humility as ilm increases) 

And if we prefer the ways of the west over the Sunnah then this is what happens (ie. A person is deprived)

Allah save us and bless us. Ameen.
From the after Asr Majlis, 7 March 2017 [Independantly written]

May Allah bless us with ziyarat of Haramain Shareefain soon with aafiyat, taqwa, acceptance and adab of the places. 


Nasheed 17 – Ya Taiba

Title: Ya Taiba – يا طيبة

Artist: Mubarak Al Nawaibet

YouTube Video:

Translated by: Nasheed Channel


O Taiba, O Taiba,
O cure of the patient,
We miss you and we are passionate to see you.
As the ship departed, it forgot me,
They sailed away and my tears never dried up,
They took my heart and my soul with them,
O Taiba, You’re my missing gesture.
My direction of prayer, the house of Allah,
I’m patient,
Perhaps a day will come to visit you,
I wonder, will I be looking upon the Ka’bah,
And being overwhelmed with it’s safety…
Our Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم, my best wish is to visit you,
Atleast once in my life,
And near you, to perform my prayers,
To praise my Rabb, and to recite Qur’an…
O Madinah, how fortunate you are,
Because of the coming of the one who guided,
Is there a shelter for me, beside you,
I wish to be in you, indeed, your light has enchanted us…


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O Allah, O The Rabb of  the beautiful soul that is resting beneath the blessed Green Dome, bless us with ziyarat of the Haramain Shareefain soon, with Aafiyat (good health), taqwa (piety, Allah-consciousness), and bearing in mind the Aadab (respect, etiquette) of the Mubarak places….


An Epithet On The Love Of Madinah Tayyibah

This is the translation of an Urdu poem regarding Madinah Munawwarah.. 

I will be delighted with the gardens of Madinah Tayyibah. 

I will escape from the desolate wilderness of a foreign land, I will become delighted with the rose gardens of Madinah Tayyibah. 

I will become intoxicated at the sight of the Green Dome, At times I will be filled with noor and at times I will be like Mount Toor. 

Within myself, I will be grieved at the sins that I have commited, by the blessings of the intercession of Nabi صلي الله عليه و سلم I will be forgiven. 

The dust of Madinah Tayyibah that will raise through the winds, I will be covered and concealed in such sand and dust. 

After offering Durood at the blessed resting place of Nabi صلي الله عليه و سلم, this heart will become enlightened, and this soul will also become enlightened. 

With the spiritual effulgence of Madinah Tayyibah throughout the day and night, I will be delighted and pleased with my heart and soul. 

Through the grace of Allah Ta’ala I will be thankful and grateful, never will I entertain pride and haughtiness in my heart. 

In every matter I will tread the Sunnah of Nabi صلي الله عليه و سلم, and with the grace of Allah Ta’ala I will thereby be assisted and aided by Allah Ta’ala. 

From the loyal and faithful blood of the martyr of Uhud, I have taken a lesson, after which I will now become fully subserviant to the laws and commands of Allah Ta’ala. 

When I leave my heart and soul behind in Madinah Tayyibah, although having been seperated from Madinah Tayyibah, I will still be linked to Madinah Tayyibah. 

By virtue of visiting Masjid-e-Quba and offering Nafl Salaah therein, O Akhtar! I will be filled with Noor by following every part of the Sunnah! 

May Allah Ta’ala take us all to Madinah Munawwarah and Makkah Mukarramah soon, with Aafiyat, Taqwa and bearing in mind the etiquettes of the blessed place… 


Miss Muslimah. 

Being guests of my Nabi صلي الله عليه و سلم

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Iftaar in Madinah… 

We would leave after Asr Salaah as the Asr Salaah there (Jamaat) was performed in an earlier time, so Asr used to be at around 3:45 and we would go at around 6pm. The afternoons were quite long as it was Mid -Summer. 

We would reach the Haram, the guards would search us and we would proceed to the dastarkhaan. We would sit and read, make dua, awaiting the Adhaan for Iftaar..

Yoghurt, dukkah powder, bagels, Zam-Zam, and dates was given to each person. 

As we would walk to the Haram, we would see many dastarkhaans layed out… many people trying to grab every opportunity just to get the reward of feeding a fasting person. 

And the Muadhin announces the Adhaan…the most beautiful Adhaan I have ever heard. SubhanAllah… now when I listen to the recordings, it brings tears to my eyes. O my Rabb, how I wish I can be a resident of Madinah… an inhabitant of Baqi…

Alhamdulillah, Allah blessed us with being the neighbours of my Nabi صلي الله عليه و سلم… 

One of the highlights of my trip was spending the late nights infront of the Raudha Mubarak. I could gaze at the Green Dome forever… you feel a spiritual connection to it…

The early mornings were amazing too. 

Well everything was amazing!…

We also went for Ziyaarat with Ml Jeena. We went to many places. One of the Masaajid which I remember so very clearly was Quba… I remember how sad I felt as it was the last Saturday in Madinah Shareef.. and I cried so much in Sajda making du’aa that  o Allah, make this the first of many many journeys to Madinah… in sha Allah. 

We also went to Masjid e Qiblatayn, but the Masjid was packed to capacity, so we never went inside. 

Uhud… amazingly the previous night, we went to have supper at one of our family friends place (May Allah reward them immensely)… and Sheikh took us to Uhud also. Sheikh told us to read after him… He greeted Sayyiduna Hamza RadhiyAllahu anhu as well as the other shuhada of Uhud… it was a beautiful night Alhamdulillah. 

And we went to Uhud on Saturday morning too! I remember so fondly how there were people selling there.. I think I may have purchased few items there.. 

You can say what you want, go to whatever place you want, visit the seven wonders of the world, go to every place which ‘claims’ to be ‘One of Thee Very Best’ but if you go to Madinah Munawwarah, it will outweigh everything else.. 

You can say New York doesn’t sleep at night, you can say you just love city nights, the hustle and bustle of it, but Makkah…you’ll be amazed how beautiful it is… 

We ask You, O my Beloved Allah, O The Most Merciful, O the Rabb of Hadhrat Muhammed صلب الله عليه و سلم، return us to the Haramain Shareefain year after year… allow us to be guests of our Nabi صلي الله عليه و سلم, grant us the opportunity of being neighbours of my Nabi صلي الله عليه و سلم، grant us the ability to perform as many tawaafs as we can with sincerity, take us to the Haramain Shareefain in the blessed month of Ramadhaan with Aafiyat, Taqwa, sincerity, acceptance and most importantly bearing in mind the etiquettes of the Mubarak places. O Allah, You have blessed us with Iman without us even asking, we are now asking You, and You feel shy to reject the dua of the one calling, o Allah, when it is time for our death, grant us a beautiful ending in Madinah Munawwarah, in a condition that You are pleased with us, with the Kalimah on our lips while carrying out Your beloved Muhammed صلي الله علبه و سلم’s Sunnah… 

 لا جمال علي الارض كجمال مكة

There is no beauty on this earth like the beauty of Makkah! 

Makkah or Bakkah… 

One early, beautiful morning in Madinah Munawwarah, we departed for Makkah Mukarramah. I cannot recall correctly as to what time we left but we reached Makkah around Asr time. I can remember the heat, and the thirst we experienced! SubhanAllah, looking back now, Allah Ta’ala only helped us through it all. We left for Masjidul Haram  before Maghrib Salaah. We walked towards the Haram and we just entered the floor and the Adhaan echoed through the blessed Masjid! As we entered, people came forward and offered as dates as well as Kahwa (Arabian Coffee). The feeling of brotherhood was amazing, Alhamdulillah. The iftaar was something else…

After performing our Maghrib Salaah, we proceeded to make Tawaaf. As it was Ramadhaan and with the massive crowds, we made Tawaaf on the second floor.

We made tawaaf and we just completed our final round when the Adhaan for Esha Salaah began. What were we surviving on? Zam-Zam. The blessed, most purest of waters…

I remember while making Tawaaf, my cousin told me to look as the Ka’bah came into view… and let me tell you, to describe the feeling, to put into words the emotions I felt at that moment, I cannot do justice to it… it was… brilliant. The noor was so evident subhanAllah.

We performed our Esha Salaah as well as our Taraweeh Salaah and thereafter proceeded for Sa’ee between Safa and Marwa. You can feel the Mercy of Allah around you… You can feel the spirit of Islam… everyone dressed in Ihram, making Sa’ee for one purpose, for One Great Being – Allah Ta’ala.

There is an Arabic saying that says whoever is unable to be present at the Ka’bah, then he should turn his attention to Allah because (Allah says in the Qur’an) He is closer to you than your jugular vein. 

In Ramadhaan, as females it is very difficult to actually make Tawaaf without unnecessary touching from Non Mahrams, so it is preferable to rather not make Tawaaf for us.

Makkah is beautiful. Its so lively…

I remember everytime I would pass the Ka’bah and say there is the Ka’bah in its Glory.. it’s a sight that you cannot explain the feelings that penetrate your heart.

One day in Ramadhaan, we went to the roof to perform Taraweeh as there was no place anywhere else… and subhanAllah, it was very hot… it made me ponder that how our beloved Sahabi Hadhrat Bilal bin Rabah رضي الله عنه would be dragged in the blessed streets of Makkah and despite the heat, he remained steadfast and said Allah is One… 

I can remember so clearly everytime we would complete our Tawaaf, we would walk to the Zam Zam cans and quench ourselves… just imagine, looking at the Ka’bah while drinking the most blessed water on Earth…

On my last day in Makkah Shareef, I went to one worker and I spoke to her. She was from Indonesia. I remember trying to converse with her with the little Arabic that I knew trying to tell her that you are so fortunate.

May Allah reward all the workers of the Haramain Shareefain for all their hard work and cleaning of Allah’s House… Aameen