We are living in a world where let alone saying the Kalimah, but adhering and staying firm to what the Kalimah entails has become an issue…

Have we entered into our deen completely? Very sadly, the answer is no…

We turn a blind eye to our Deen and its prohibitions…

In sha Allah, I would like to firstly soften my heart to understand the truth and thereafter all those that will read my blog.

Whatever good I say is from Allah and whatever wrong I say is from myself, my nafs and shaytaan. Do correct me.

May Allah give us beneficial knowledge and may Allah grant us the ability to practice and thereafter propagate the knowledge to others.

Do share the word as the director to good is like its doer!

Please recite Surah Ikhlaas three times and send it as Isaale Thawaab for all the deceased.

Miss Muslimah.