الحمد لله رب العالمين و الصلوة والسلام علي اشرف الانبياء و المرسلين سيدنا محمد و علي آله و صحبه اجمعين. اما بعد.

Ahh, so Ramadhaan has passed us. May Allah accept from us and grant us steadfastness. I think steadfastness is one the greatest and most difficult of qualities. It cannot be acquired overnight, it requires constant sacrifice, striving and du’aa. We ask Allah in every single rak’aat of Salaah ‘guide us to the straight path’. We translate مستقيم loosely as straight path, however the word comes from the root words استقامة which means steadfastness.

We read in the Ahaadith that when the Aayat of Surah Hood was revealed viz. And be steadfast as you have been commanded it became difficult on Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam and that was why his blessed hair began turning white. The ayat was weighty, actually the command itself was the difficult aspect.

Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam advised one Sahabi with the following words, although brief, they carry a lot of meaning:

Say I believe in Allah, then be steadfast.

Meaning be steadfast on the dictates of the Kalimah..and this is no easy thing. Daily, we have to check our Imaan.

Istiqaamat with regards to action is just as difficult. The key to this is moderation. Many a time we think that we have the ability of doing a lot of a’maal, yes no problem, have desire and zeal to do a lot of actions, however after carrying out the actions for few days, the zeal dies down and we become lazy. Therefore, the key is do what you are able to do. Be realistic. When you see that you have progressed, then increase. And we see in the Hadith, Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam mentioned that

Do not be like a certain man who began praying at night (standing at night in Ibaadah) and he left qiyaamul layl.

Do what you are able to do. Have aspirations and desire to increase. Have intention also to increase because you will be rewarded on your intention even though you don’t carry the action out. But one thing, we shouldn’t be satisfied with our actions, there’s always room for improvement. Similarly we shouldn’t become despondent. There are many aspects that we need reformation in, and we know that we need reformation.

May Allah grant us sincerity, steadfastness, and complete tazkiyah and reformation.


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