The Brother-In-Law 



‘Uqba Bin ‘Āmir RadhiyAllahu anhu narrates that Rasulullāh ﷺ has said that: “Beware! Avoid visiting women.” A man from Ansār asked: “What about the brother in law?” He ﷺ answered: “Brother in law is death.” 
[Bukhāri, Muslim]

  1.  Like how death destroys a persons physical and wordly life, in the same way for a woman to mingle with her brother in law and other ghayr mahram men will destroy her. 
  2. Brother in law is mentioned exclusively in this hadith, because generally people do NOT consider mingling with him to be a bad thing.
  3. The reason for using the word “death”  is because Arabs use it to warn against  anything that is dangerous. 
  4. From the hadith above, we learn that mingling with a brother in law and Ghayr Mahram men both is prohibited, but mingling with a brother in law is MORE DANGEROUS than mingling with a ghayr mahram man.



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