You are for Madinah if Madinah is in you (In Sha Allah)

You are for Madinah if Madinah is in you (inshaAllah)


Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Sb mentioned a dream of an Aalim regarding Ml Siddeeq Baandwi Sb rahmatullahi alayhi. In the dream, there was a register of names of people who were to be buried in Jannatul Baqi. The man in charge told them to remove one of the names and allocate a place for Ml Siddeeq Sb, though he had passed away elsewhere. From here we learn that in Aakhirat, a different system prevails.                                                              

More than the place (Madinah Sharif), be concerned of the ways of Madina.

If an aeroplane can transfer people to another land, cannot Allah do that?! You pay the price, they (the airline) take you over…. Is this difficult for Allah?
Conform to the ways of Madinah.. (ie. the akhlaaq of Sahaabah radhiyAllahu anhum) It’s not difficult for Allah to transfer you over.

But if you consent to pride and haughtiness then a person can be deprived, even if he dies in Madinah. (Mufti Sb had been speaking about not desiring recognition, and increasing in humility as ilm increases) 

And if we prefer the ways of the west over the Sunnah then this is what happens (ie. A person is deprived)

Allah save us and bless us. Ameen.
From the after Asr Majlis, 7 March 2017 [Independantly written]

May Allah bless us with ziyarat of Haramain Shareefain soon with aafiyat, taqwa, acceptance and adab of the places. 


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