Nasheed 19 – Syria Nasheed

Title: Syria

Artist: Muhammed Al Muqit

YouTube Video:

Translated by: Merciful Servant / Mohammed Zafar


A strong wind blew from the cellar,
And it blew away my poems,
Dusty winds and heavy clouds are calling over and over…


An evil planned behind you aims to destroy my Ummah,
I swear by the Rabb of the Heavans,
O my Ummah, listen carefully,
…because everything looks vague,
Their bombs are thrown like poisons over us,
And we have no sincere or honest friend.
My son was shot at Bullets Harvest (in cold blood),
With no one to comfort or console me,
Oh, my kind father, they stabbed you, just as one drinks a sip of water,
Tuba (a tree in Jannah) is your home where there’s no misery,
Oh my mother, stop crying your religion is rising up,
And everything else will go to vain,
And since my honour was violated,
I’m beseeching my Rabb who will answer my dua,
Oh my young child, the sound of pride is torn,
Everyone is busy singing melodies,
Layla is shouting unto you,
“Your dignity is desecrated o morons!”
My tongue is fine but my heart is wounded,
And my eyes have become like a mouth of a water pitcher…
I mourn for long with no cure,
For my folks turn into birds (martyrs).

Are there any solutions to get our rights back?

Where’s the resistance? Where’s the pride?

While we are sleeping like the ‘people of the cave’,
The trial may come to us in a sudden…
I’m asking Allah to end this suffering…
And send down His soldiers (Angels) as rain drops,
To raise the Qur’aan up and wane other books
And to grant victory to the soldiers who insist in their dua..


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