Nasheed 18 – Be Patient, O Prisoner

Title: Be Patient, O Prisoner اصبر يا اسير

Artist: Abu Ali

YouTube Video:


Be patient, O prisoner, because you are a sun that the flowers turn for,
Going forth despite your shackles,
A leader despite the rocks in your way,
You are defiant,
And you are like a shining blaze in an era of servitude,
You are the bold on leading falcons,
In the prison of betrayal,
I know that you’re tired,
But you are the brave lion,
I know that you’re exhausted,
But you are the great hope,
I know that you’re weak,
But you are the shining moin,
I know that you’re confident,
That victory is for the patient.
We are surrounded by the petty and you are with the great,
So, rejoice in your prison,
And hold the devastating sword to the denier,
You display determination,
While the petty ones sleep in a haze,
That has stopped infront of your prison,
Amazed at the blood that has been sacrificed,
You are the boldest,
You are the boldest,
You are the boldest!!!


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