Nasheed 17 – Ya Taiba

Title: Ya Taiba – يا طيبة

Artist: Mubarak Al Nawaibet

YouTube Video:

Translated by: Nasheed Channel


O Taiba, O Taiba,
O cure of the patient,
We miss you and we are passionate to see you.
As the ship departed, it forgot me,
They sailed away and my tears never dried up,
They took my heart and my soul with them,
O Taiba, You’re my missing gesture.
My direction of prayer, the house of Allah,
I’m patient,
Perhaps a day will come to visit you,
I wonder, will I be looking upon the Ka’bah,
And being overwhelmed with it’s safety…
Our Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم, my best wish is to visit you,
Atleast once in my life,
And near you, to perform my prayers,
To praise my Rabb, and to recite Qur’an…
O Madinah, how fortunate you are,
Because of the coming of the one who guided,
Is there a shelter for me, beside you,
I wish to be in you, indeed, your light has enchanted us…


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O Allah, O The Rabb of  the beautiful soul that is resting beneath the blessed Green Dome, bless us with ziyarat of the Haramain Shareefain soon, with Aafiyat (good health), taqwa (piety, Allah-consciousness), and bearing in mind the Aadab (respect, etiquette) of the Mubarak places….



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