Nasheed 16 – O My Brothers

Title: O My Brothers – يا اخوتي – Ya Ikhwati

Artist: Castillo and Abu Maryam

YouTube Video:

Translated by: Leena (ILOVEISLAM Channel)


O My brothers, what can we say?
Or else our grief brought tears
…brought tears of the companions,
The people of love and brotherhood,
Who lived upon the guidance of the Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم
Seeking The Most Merciful in the Heavens…
Hoping for their Lord’s Paradise,
On the day of Resurrection and reward,
A terrifying and deadly day,
In a moment that came into effect (meeting the Rabb)
You’ll see, that day, blackened faces,
And other faces, that day will glow showing pleasure.
O Allah, we are sinners…
O Allah, we are pitiful…
O Allah, we are hopeful of Your High Heaven,
For the eternal heaven…
For which the Messenger صلي الله عليه و سلم raised the banner!
You will see faces, that day, will be radiant
On top of pulpits in the sky!
And if you asked about them,
They are people who are clothed by sincerity,
Praying in the dark nights,
O Allah, accept our du’aa!
“Allah is the Greatest!” O men!
“Allah is the Greatest!” Is applied to us,
“Allah is the Greatest!”
I would sacrifice my soul and wealth for it.
“Allah is the Greatest!” Is the banner..
That will be raised and waving in the sky…

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