Nasheed 15 – Love & Life

Title: Love And Life

Artist: Ahmed Saeed

YouTube video:

Translated by: Mohammed Zafar (YouTuber)

Don’t think that this religion is far from love and life,
And due to your abandonment of this religion,
You will live and love what your heart wishes,
Or that the days will sweeten and you will see life exceeding success,
Your religion is an ocean of expectations; a shore for pleasant dreams,
This religion isn’t what you fear, “this is prohibited; that is forbidden”
Alas Islam is truly beautiful – this (your fear) is not Islam,
All of its laws guide us and invite us to good,
It prohibits us from any path leading to harm,
Hence, Allah is The Merciful and the forebearing – forever calling us to piety,
In this religion there is Salaah and fasting, thus happiness and bliss,
And the religious person is he who meets you smiling pleasantly like ‘the light’,
He strives to live life to the fullest whilst his nature is compassionate and perservering,
Islam is a peace within us that grows love for people,
Islam is the ship of life which is pushed by the most beautiful feelings,
How pleasant is this life if we live and mak Islam our foundation?


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