Nasheed 13 – Nasheed dedicated to a friend

Title: Nasheed dedicated to a friend

Artist: Unknown

YouTube video:

Translated by: Aswatul Quraa

Its very hard to find at this age a true friend, and the hardest when death overtakes one of your best friends, you lived with him some of the best moments of your life…

I shed my tears without interruption,
And my heart screams, O time,
And my eyes cry because of pain,
And sorrow embraces my heart,
O time, I wish that you didn’t walk through the valley of death,
And he replied when I asked him (Time),
This is life, and it’s all about destiny,
And I knew that our life,
Goes and takes who are reviving,
My poem commiserated over my friend,
And I suffered because he is gone,
Yesterday, we were friends,
And here he is now in the burial shroud,
O, when problems come,
Quickly make you forget your town,
And I return to remember the past when we were together,
And when we walked together,
Then the traces of sadness disappear,
If I saw my joy,
The tiredness will go away from me,
Well, today he is in the grave,
All alone there,
But I will remember the past,
And remember our friendship,
I will ask my Rabb that He brings us together in Paradise,
Under His shade,
O Rabb, forgive his sins,
O our Rabb, You are All Merciful,
May Allah grant him paradise,
To live in peace and safety,
O Rabb, make Your Paradise his town and his home,
O Rabb, have mercy on him,
That’s all I want from You….


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