Nasheed 11 – O My Lord by Muhammed Al Husayn

Title: O My Lord – Ya Ilahi

Artist: Muhammed Al Husayn


One night of nights,
I don’t know what happened to me,
O Rabb, I am filled with darkness,
The Earth and the sky closed in on me,
And my heart forgets something called the light
And my eyes cry out…O my Lord
I have disobeyed You and my sins are too great,
I am a prisoner in my sorrow…
I am stuck because of my sins…O Lord
So, does this criminal deserve Your forgiveness?…O Lord
O my Lord, I have confessed my sins.
You guided me and created me and You gave me everything I want,
O Lord, You were always with me…
But I ignored You, and forgot You,
And I walked away…O my Lord.
But today o Lord, I come back…
From the darkness behind the border,
My heart is broken and my mind confused,
I’m drowning and I can’t see anything,
Except You, O MY SAVIOR,
And there is no savior but You…

YouTube video:

Translation by: Merciful Servant


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