When serving the deen of اللَّه what should we ask اللَّه for everyday?

Qabuliyat (acceptance from Allah Ta’ala)
Nusrat (Help of Allah Ta’ala)
Hidaayat (guidance of Allah Ta’ala)
Hifaazat (Protection of Allah Ta’ala)
Maghfirat (Forgiveness of Allah Ta’ala)
Aafiyat (Good conditions and ease)


3 thoughts on “Ask Allah…

  1. Jazakumullah khayran katheeran … sister… appreciate all the most wonderful and inspiring naseehat.. May Allah give us the tawfweq to do amal with istiqaamat. Ameen

    1. Aameen! Most importantly, we should remember to make du’aa that Allah Ta’ala gives us sincerity in what we do..
      Remember me in your du’aas!

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