Imagine being a little child.. One day people dressed in fury and hate walk into your house demanding to see your mother. You and your siblings cling to each other afraid of what they might do. You wish you remember how your father looks but you cannot coz he’s gone for too long away. And then they hurt you. They hurt your family in the most merciless ways ever. They kick you and hurt you until you’re bleeding… your mother looks worse than ever… and somehow you all manage to run away from the place you called ‘home’ to look for another home, along with you distraught mother and 6 children. On the way, one of your siblings dies from a bomb… then another of your siblings is shot… looking so helpless… feeling so helpless… you fall down and cry… 

Cry that you have almost no family… 

Cry for all the things you’ve wanted but you never could get… 

Cry for your father coz you never seen him for years… 

Cry and cry until your mother drags you as forces are nearby… 
Now should I continue? 

The condition in Syria has worsened. We obviously do not know the conditions clearly but it is imhumane…The condition is extremely bad, it was all over the news last week. “ALEPPO IN RUINS” and then suddenly it dies down. No news from Syria. But we need to remember that they are our Muslim brothers and sisters and they arr obviously  dire need of our du’aas and our assistance. I recall reading a tweet by Ml Dawood Seedat (something along these lines) that we shouldn’t pass pictures of the Syrian children and people, because would we like the same for ourselves? Would we like to be humiliated like that…no! 

Do remember them in your Du’aas daily! 

Try to aid them financially by sending money as sadaqah or Zakaat to trustrd organisations like (Al-Imdaad foundation)


5 thoughts on “Syria…

    1. Without doubt! Its very sad that videos of martyred people are posted! Why? Yes, sadly people are ignorant to the fact that photography is not permissible. Allah knows best. May Allah guide the ummah!

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