The Most Blessed Journey – My Story

I’ll never forget this most blessed journey that I went for earlier this year.. (Ramadhaan)

We landed at Jeddah airport… as the doors of the aeroplane opened, I immediately felt the heat… We were fasting and we were thirsty… but what kept me going was the fact that we were going to be in Madinah soon…

We prayed our Asr Salaah at the airport. Everything felt so… magical? The Adhaan of Maghrib echoed in the airport and the true spirit of Muslim brotherhood was found. You might see the person once in a lifetime but they rush to give you something to break your fast with…

After checking in and doing the necessary requirements, we came out to the arrivals area. We prayed our Esha Salaah and went out to our transport. Once we were seated comfortably, we headed for the best of cities – Madinah Munawwarah! As you must be already knowing, the drive from Jeddah to Madinah is quite a long one… we stopped on the way for tea and continued our journey while Surah Kauthar was constantly uttered by us until we reached a 1000. I couldn’t control the desire within myself, it felt as if the journey was too long… at the same time, I pondered within myself that am I really going to Madinah? Will I respect the place as I ought to? Many thoughts and emotions flooded myself…

As we neared Madinah, our Durood increased, at the same time my yearning increased.

And when I saw the minarats of Masjidun Nabawi علي صاحبها الصلوة والسلام, I cried… I can’t explain how I felt… it was as if it were a dream. I remember pinching myself to see if it actually were true. And it really was. I had recieved an invitation to Madinah! Alhamdulillah…

When we reached our hotel, it was Tahajjud time. We got off the GMC and the Adhaan began echoeing in the streets of Madinah… I was in tears… it was such a beautiful Adhaan… in such an amazing place… words cannot do justice to the tranquility felt in Madinah Munawwarah….

I was so excited! We had sehri and thereafter I told my family (I was there with my grandparents) that I would like to go to the Haram for Fajr Salaah. I got my musalah ready, my bag and my phone and left the room…

Shaikh Budayr read the Salaah and as he recited, again it felt like a dream!

After the Salaah, I realised that I hadn’t asked or remembered the room number! I was also very tired! So basically, I was lost.

I went to the front desk but no help.. I never had a sim card also and my phone was almost dead! I was in panic mode… anyways one person said I could charge my phone and they gave me the hotel’s Wi-Fi to use. I phoned South Africa and after a long time of panic (and almost crying), I found my room..



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