‘Ilahi Teri Chawkat Par’ by Junaid Jamshed رحمه الله

This… subhanAllah, its beautiful. These are the lyrics to the Urdu Nazm which brother Junaid Jamshed رحمه الله sang. This nazm is written by Mufti Taqi Uthmaani دامت بركاته

O my Lord, I have come to Your Door as a beggar
In complete indigence, bringing only my humility and shame,
A beggar who has neither a joli (a kind of bowl) nor a begging bowl,
A beggar slain by his desires and cravings,
Having squandered the treasure of Deen and intellect at the hands of the ego,
Having sacrificed contentment of heart at the altar of lust and pleasure,
Losing my wealth in the quick-sand of heedlesdness and sin,
I have come to seek refuge under the covering of Your Ka’bah,
Through the stains of sin, the heart’s world is suffering,
Aspirations are weak, the will broken, and hope is dead,
From when should i find the strength to express the heart truly?
For in this snare have I passed every moment of my life,
In short, having been burnt at the stake of my own ill deeds,
In abject poverty due to the evil of my state,
To You (Allah) have I brought my ill-stricken state
Empty handed of any deed befitting Your House,
This House of Yours, which is Your court of love and grace, O Lord
Full of light and the repository of all lights O Lord,
Being completely ignorant of the manners of Your Doorstep (Masjid)
A beggar knowing not how to beg,
My tongue fails to convey my heart’s feeling,
O Lord, have mercy on this wordless speech,
These eyes are dry, O Lord, knowing not how to weep,
Festering spots in the heart that can’t be cleansed out..


Read 3 times Surah Ikhlaas for all the deceased.

Miss Muslimah



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