Sunnah Fruit

Chosen Fruit
The following are among the fruit that Rasulullah ﷺ is reported to have consumed in his lifetime:
1. Fresh dates.
2. Dry dates.
3. Grapes.

Nabi ﷺ would enjoy grapes.
4. Raisins.
5. Melons.

Melons as well as fresh dates are reported to be from the most beloved of fruit to Rasulullah ﷺ.
6. Cucumbers.

Rasulullah ﷺ would relish this. He would at times prefer to have it with a bit of salt.
7. Pomegranates.
Sayyidunna Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas (radiyallahu’anhuma) is reported to have commented that in each pomegranate there is a seed from Jannah.
(Majma’uz Zawaid, vol. 5 pg. 45)
In fact, the Quran states that pomegranates will be among the fruit of Jannah.

(Surah Ar-Rahman: 68)


Refer for the above list to: Subulul Huda war Rashad, vol. 7 pgs. 204-209.
When eating the above fruit, one should also intend to emulate Sayyiduna Nabi ﷺ.
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