♡ Home ♡

​My soul was in chaos, 

I couldn’t find myself, 

I was lost, 

In a temporary world, 

And then my Rabb brought me, 

To another world, 

My Rabb brought me home, 

Home where my heart lies, 

Home where his (salAllahu alayhi wa salam)’s blessed soul is buried, 

Madinah Munawwarah, 

I never felt such ecstasy at the sight of the Green Dome, 

I never found myself in a better place, 

My soul began to pour forth love, 

I never experienced such love, 

Such pure love, 

A love with no seperation, 

A love like no other, 

And when I uttered words of greeting to my Beloved, 

My heart skipped a million beats, 

I was in paradise on earth… 

Madinah is home.

 Madinah is heaven… 

Madinah is blessed… 

O my Rabb my desire is for the Muadhin of Masjidun Nabawi علي صاحبها الصلوة والسلام to say Assalaatu alal mayyitati yarhamukumullah (announcing a death of a fortunate person)! And I wish to be that very mayyitah that is destined for Baqi… in sha Allah ..
اللهم ارزقنا شهادة في سبيلك و اجعل موتي في بلد رسولك صلي الله عليه و سلم… 

This was originally posted on my other blog – https://islamicmusings.wordpress.com  


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