Muhammed ﷺ ka Roza – Junaid Jamshed رحمه الله

The tomb of  Muhammed ﷺ is getting close,
My fortune is reaching new heights,
O angels, convey this message to him ﷺ
Go and give him ( ﷺ ) this news, O angels
That your forunate servant is coming,
Madinah, Madinah, Madinah, Madinah,
The word Madinah gives me great pleasure.

You will not find integrity in anyone,
Such are the timeswhich are approaching,
Safeguard your belief and faith,
Such strange times are to come.

Do you have any idea where I am heading,
I’m heading to where the Prophet of Allah ﷺ is,
The pleasure of his ( ﷺ)’s love is what I’m getting,
Now, lets go and live in Madinah, [IN SHA ALLAH]
The spectacle of Resurrection is getting close.

Luxury will be nothing in the eyes of those
Who will have the spirit of Madinah in their heart,
Where are you searching for the solution to the world’s problems?
The order of Madinah is the solution to the world’s problems.

This is the English translation of a Nazm/Naat which was sung by Junaid Jamshed (رحمه الله) called ‘Muhammed ( ﷺ) ka Roza’.

May Allah give us all the respect and complete love of Madinah Munawwarah.

May Allah forgive Br. Junaid Jamshed and grant him Jannatul Firdose!  آمين



2 thoughts on “Muhammed ﷺ ka Roza – Junaid Jamshed رحمه الله

  1. Wonderful Nazm.
    Favourite artist. Junaid Jamshed was a role model for many.
    I love his nazm💙
    sad to hear the news.
    Ameen, may Allah grant all the Marhoomeen Jannatul-firdous (Ameen)❤

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