Home Remedies For Mosquitoes

Before we begin, let us ponder and bear in mind that we, Insaan are so weak that we unable to create even the wing of a mosquito. Allah is All Powerful, Capable of Creating Everything, The Bestower of favours, so if we stand infront of our Merciful Rabb, will He not respond to us?

Thus call unto Me, I will respond to you.

Remedies to get rid of mosquitos
Apart from the scorching heat of the sun, the summers brings along with it a wave of mosquitoes as well.

  • Buy catnip oil based repellent as it is safe for humans. Apply over all the exposed parts of your body.

Certain plants are used as home remedies for getting rid of mosquitoes also:

  • Plant tansy or basil around patios, porches, windows, doors, or other areas that you want to keep mosquitoes away from.

Natural Mosquito Treatment with Garlic:

  • Many agree that garlic is one of the best home remedies for getting rid of mosquitoes. Garlic sprays are available that you can apply directly to your skin as a repellant. They also make garlic sprays that are applied around the home like any other pesticide. THIS IS PERHAPS SIMPLEST WAY TO GET RID OF MOSQUITOES.

  • Take any small bowl, put one camphor tablet in it. Fill it with water. Normal water will do. Put in any corner of your room. You can see immediate effect. If there were any mosquitoes they will go away. 1 block of camphor.. It should last for a month or more. To make more effective, crush the camphor slightly.If the room is big, use two bowls with the  same process. You can change the water after 2 days, Use old water to wipe the floor.


  • Vinegar – When you first notice the itchy bite, try applying a small amount of vinegar directly to the bump.
  • Baking Soda & Water – Make a thick paste of baking soda and water. Apply paste generously to the affected area.
  • Onion – Simply place a fresh slice on the affected area for several minutes until the itching subsides. Be sure to wash the area thoroughly afterwards.
  • Raw Honey – Simply take a small amount of honey and apply directly to the bite.
  • Lime and/or Lemons – Apply a small amount of lime juice directly to the bite

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