Few Etiquettes of Training Children

Children ask a lot of questions. Sometimes parents do not have the answers and must admit that they need to look it up.But it is unfair to ignore the questions or dismiss them as unimportant. The more they ask, the more they will learn.

An interest in his/her questions and confusions will help the child develop his mental and intellectual abilities.
Encourage the child to learn more by asking more, even if all the answers cannot be given immediately.

  The influence of friends is GREATLY emphasised in Islam. 
Good friends can make a great difference to the molding of character. Thus a parent has to be vigilant of the child’s friends. Always being in the company of one who has LOOSE MORAL, or a DIRTY TONGUE, or OTHER such vices, will RUB OFF on the child.
Discourage very close connections such as frequent telephone calls, sleeping over at each other’s homes etc. Moderation in all fields is necessary for progress. It is necessary for a child to have friends BUT it is also necessary that the parents know whom the child befriends.

Many parents leave the job of training to school teachers and society, not realising that the education system today in most places is chillingly void of moral values.Society around the child is often immoral.Providing the right type of training is the primary duty of the parents. 
Every child needs to be taught the right things, for he is not born with that awareness.


ربنا هب لنا من ازواجنا و ذرياتنا قرة اعين واجعلنا للمتقين اماما. 


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