Life of a student.. 

Waking up everyday with only one purpose, to study the words of my Beloved صلي الله عليه و سلم… going to sleep with the differences of the 4 schools of thought playing on your mind and dreaming of Usool-e-Shaashi, then you must really know that your year is almost over, and you need sleep desperately… (Students will only understand this lol)

If only you’d understand the life of a Taalib e Ilm! 

Many people underestimate what studying Islamic knowledge means. They say you could have done better things with your life. They say what’s going to happen when this and that happens…? 

While you were in the womb of your mother, you were only 40 days old (foetus) and your sustenance was already written. 

Its all in the Hands of Allah. 
You know sometimes in class, I am so tired, so very tired, I will be writing with my eyes closed.. and then my whole sentence goes off the line.. 

These things really happen. 

Studying Ilm isn’t just a getaway for someone who can’t cope at school.. it really isn’t. 

Some of my friends who have completed Matric (school) say that Madrassah is more difficult than school/university. 

There’s lots of studying. But that’s not the point. The thing is for every letter we write, we get reward. ‘The ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr.’

Example in Fiqh, there will be a Mas’ala of a certain thing which us Hanafis agree on. But the Shafi’ees don’t. Now the Shafi’ees gave proofs to strengthen their statement (qawl). And ofcourse us Hanafis have to give answers to their proofs to strengthen our statement as well. 

I’ve learnt things in Madrassah that I haven’t learnt anywhere else. 

We learn about medical things, money matters (بيع aka my absolute favourite, notice the sarcasm!), marriage, slave masa’il, then we learn the strange things like how in the previous times, the Bani Israil to be exact, food as in meat etc could be kept for longer than one day without rotting but due to their transgression, the nations that followed, including us, cannot keep food out without it rotting. Then we learn about the sublime conduct of my Beloved صلي الله عليه و سلم, and the stories of his fortunate companions. This is just a little compared to everything else. 

Every single day we learn something. 

I like Hadith and Tafseer over Fiqh. Every student has a different liking towards each subject. 

In the beginning, things seem tough but they really not. I used to enjoy Qasasun Nabiyeen (Stories of the Prophets) and Nahw (Arabic Grammer). There’s so much to learn everyday. 

I leave with with the words : Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. 
May Allah grant us beneficial ilm. Aameen! 


6 thoughts on “Life of a student.. 

    1. Tafseer over Fiqh! Lol we all find different things easier. Qasas, we will never forget بائع الأصنام !! May Allah increase us in knowledge!

  1. “… And the stories of his lucky companions”
    I suggest that you replace the word “lucky” with blessed. Attributing events to luck is a form of shirk because we attribute the blessings of allah to luck. In Islam everything is destined and we believe in qadr. Nothing happens merely by chance.
    Beautiful article sister. May Allah bless you

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