Trump? Umrah Fees? 

After hours of studying, and weeks (?) of trying to keep my act together, the dreaded term ‘exams’ are completely over.. well for the year anyway. I’m quite glad that its finally over..Alhamdulillah. 

May Allah grant us success in the dunya and Aakhirah. 

Sooo… what have I missed… Trump has been elected as the President of USA. 

Amazingly, everything that happens in this world and the Aakhirah obviously, we as Muslims can connect it to our Deen. 

Firstly, Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam has said in a Hadith: A time will come when holding onto Islam will be like holding onto hot coals. 

Allah Ta’ala is the King of the Worlds. We recite this in every single Rak’aat of Salaah, “All Praise is due to Allah, the Rabb (Lord) of the Worlds……….. Master of the day of Judgement. ..” (Surah Fatiha)

Allah Ta’ala has created me and you, He has also created Donald Trump. Who controls Donald Trump? Allah Ta’ala. Just like how we are in Allah’s control. 

So we should turn to Allah instead of protesting against him. The wrong he does is quite clear and open but we don’t need to look at that side of life. Because honestly, Allah has written that all of this should happen. Nothing can happen without Allah’s command. 

We do not know our end result nor do we know Trump’s end result. May Allah keep us living on Iman, grant us death on Iman and raise us on the day of Qiyaamah with Iman. 

Let us also make special dua for the Muslims of America. Many Muslim women in Niqab and Hijab have been harrassed and this shouldn’t make the Muslims go against their beliefs and principals. May Allah help the Muslims around the world. 

Let us make du’aa to Allah that o Allah, guide the evil people of the world, if hidayah isn’t meant for them, then save us from their evil… 

Oh and the Umrah fees… According to many Ulama, it is oppression! Why pay such high fees to visit the Haramain Shareefain?! To make the Ibaadah of Allah? To visit the blessed grave of Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam? 

Please make special du’aa that it can be removed… I am quite saddened by this. Alhamdulillah I had the greatest opportunity anyone can ever get and that was performing Umrah in Ramadhaan.. it was the best experience ever..And to hear the ‘oppressing news’ of the exhorbitant fee? 

May Allah grant us the adab of the Haramain Shareefain and take us there with aafiyat and taqwa.. 


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