The miswaak has tremendous benefits. Besides it being a Sunnah (reward for reviving a Sunnah in the time of corruption – 100 Martyrs. 1 martyr = sins forgiveen before blood has to reach the ground)  it has other benefits.

Some of the many benefits are: 
Enhances the memory .

Eliminates slime .

Produces aroma in the mouth .

Strengthens the gums.

Blocks tooth decay .

Stops further grow of decay .

Remedy for headaches .

Helps relieving toothaches .

Triggers the teeth to sparkle .

Eliminates the yellowishness of the teeth .

Improves the eye- sight .

Helpful for the health of your whole body.

Helps the process of Digestive function.

treatment for a specific mouth disease called Qilaa

Clears the voice .

Trigger the appetite .

Boosts the eloquence of one’s speech .

Improve the Intelligence .

I won’t be posting regularly until… December? Make special du’aa for me. Exams is quite soon and we trying to finish Kitabs etc. by the end of this week. I just want to sleep all the time but there’s so much to do (lol)…Remember me in your du’aas. 

May Allah grant us success in this exam and in the exam of the Aakhirah. 


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