A random post 

Everyone is different. 

I mean obviously. No two people possess the exact same qualities. In the same way, no two people possess the exact same flaws. Some people are lazy and others are dedicated. Some people are talkative and others are quiet (not around friends anyways!).. 

Take me for example.. compared to all the people around me, we are all completely different, but we adapt to each others habits someway or the other. 

And I decided to sit down and write a nice inspiring, motivating post (Are you even serious? That’s not even part of your personality lol), and I can’t continue it coz I don’t know what else to say. There’s no words left literally. 

But I will say something. 
Integrity says everything about you. How you appear when you think no one is looking at you is who you really are. You are not the person who pretends. You are your true self when no one is looking… 

And how you treat others says a lot about you. 

When you attract people towards your heart, you attracting them to your nature, to your goodness… 
When words are spoken from the heart, they pentrate the heart. But when words are spoken from the tongue only, they don’t surpass the ears. 

Always ask Allah for Taqwa and aafiyat. 

Miss Muslimah. 


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