Broadcasting sins

Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam says in a Hadith that Allah Ta’ala stretches out His hand in the morning to forgive the sinner of the night and He stretches out His hand at night to forgive the sinner of the day. 

Yet in those moments when one could have engaged in Taubah, it is very unfortuante but we find many who broadcast their sins. We find a girl might have went on a so-called date with her boyfriend to Starbucks. She’ll take a picture of it and update her Instagram about it.. and the sad thing is she’ll be happy to ‘sin’. ‘Had so much fun with my boy. I love you…’ Something along those lines.. 

This photography has to stop.. Our Ummah is going through a crisis.. we are becoming ignorant and arrogant. We don’t want to know what’s right and wrong.. or we know something is wrong but we don’t actually care. May Allah forgive us for our neglect.. 
Abu Hurairah radhiyAllahu anhu narrates that he heard Rasulullah ﷺ saying: “All my followers are safe except those who announce their sins. It is from announcing sins that a man does something by night; and, in the morning, after Allāh had concealed his misdeed, he announces it by saying, ‘Oh so and so, last night i did such and such’. Allah had concealed his misseed in the night, but he made it public in the morning.”

[Bukhāri, Muslim]
Let us engage ourselves in Istighfaar… 

May Allah grant us sincere taubah before we pass away… 


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