Just one statement. Just one giggle at the wrong time. Just one inappropriate statement. This is what I’m getting to; words. How much they mean when its just a little too late…
You might have laughed amongst yourselves at the girl who had many other issues going on in her life, that one laugh, that little satisfaction you felt could have led to her self destruction.

Your words you suppose are bricks, but tell me the impact of bricks when thrown about so recklessly?

Suicide is a reality. People who commit suicide don’t want their life to end, they want their problems to end. That’s what I’m getting to..don’t be the cause of others trying to end their lives. Period.

Don’t bully others.

We underestimate the impact of our actions..

The truth is that someone may feel hurt by something you said. It can affect them so badly that the victim starts self-harming himself/herself.

Be kind when you can.

Teach others to be kind.

It’s very sad to say but humility is what is lacking in society. If one person can humble himself to the level of another, and treat them kindly, we’ll be living in a happier world.

“Whoever humbles himself for the sake of Allah, Allah will elevate him..” (Hadith)

Let us all try to be kind to the next person. We don’t know what they are going through.. we all have our struggles and some may have it worse than you.
Be grateful.

Be graceful.

May Allah grant us good Akhlaaq.


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