Knowledge of Deen

Never have I felt the satisfaction as I felt on that day. My kitab close to heart and few pens. And I walked to haven. I sat and listened to the words of my beloved… oh how blown away was I? I wanted to go on and on and on… I wouldn’t mind listening to my beloved’s words over and over again… it touched my heart and soul… and there was only enjoyment and comfort in there. Nothing less. I might have had my issues in my life but my beloved’s words were so soothing… I was in awe… 

If his words were so beautiful, then how beautiful was this miraculous being salAllahu alayhi wa salam himself?? 

If this miraculous being was so beautiful, then oh how much more beautiful must the Rabb of Muhammed salAllah Alayhi wa salam be!!

Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam said that: 

As long as one is seeking knowledge of deen, Jannah is seeking him. 
Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam also said: 

Whoeover treads a path seeking knowledge in it, Allah will make the path to Jannah easy for him. 

To study deen is the greatest investment you can ever make. .. waking up everyday knowing that your object of waking up is to hear the beautiful words of Allah and His Rasul salAllahu alayhi wa salam is the best feeling ever… and Allah chooses who He knows will be able to carry this responsibilty. SubahnAllah its so amazing to just hear Ahaadith… you become more surprised each time.. 

Many look down at you when they talk about you studying Ilm-e-Deen. They feel like what benefit is it.. but there’s so much to learn. And its the words of Allah and His Beloved so ofcourse there’s many benefits. Do not ever look down at a student of deen, they are learning the words of your Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam..

Someone asked Isa alayhis salaam that when should one seek knowledge till. Isa alayhis salaam replied till his last breath. 

May Allah make us true scholars of deen who practice on their knowledge. 


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