Shame and modesty

Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam is reported to have said: 

Four things are amongst the Sunnah of the Ambiyaa alahyimus salaam: 

  1. To use itr (perfume) 
  2. To make nikaah
  3. To make miswaak
  4. To have shame and display modesty

In another Hadith it appears, if shame and modesty leave you, then will do as your heart desires. 

Hadhrat Salmaan radhiyAllahu anhu used to say: For me to have many lives and go through the pangs of death each time is easier than someone seeing my private parts or me seeing theirs. 

It is reported in another Hadith: Modesty is a portiom of Iman, whilst Iman is the means of entering Jannah. Shamelessness is an opression, whilst oppression is the path to Jahannam. 

Modesty isn’t only found in one’s dressing but it is also found in one’s manners. One should act appropriately infront of others. Dress modestly. Do not allow even a strand of hair out of your scarf. We see today how the abayas and scarves don’t even fulfill the purpose of it. 

We make things difficult for ourselves. We wear abayas yet the shape of our tights can be seen. 

Shame and modesty is rare in our societies. It is very sad.. 

There’s always something that we have to improve. We cannot claim that we are perfect because we aren’t. We have many flaws but we arrogant or ignorant. We don’t want to be told what’s the truth.. 

Let us try to dress modestly.. 
If a man has to smell your perfume (due to it being so strong) you get the sin of one commiting zina (adultery). 
May Allah grant us modesty and good Akhlaaq. 


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