Marriage and Relationships


In keeping with the pure system of Islam, relationships between strange unmarried people are not permitted. Islam regards girlfriends , boyfriends, dating and courting as morally destructive. Every form of romantic contact between strange men and women in public or in seclusion is shameless and sinful. In fact, contact between a prospective couple after they have been engaged is still impermissible beacuse their nikah has not yet been performed. 

When young people, especially young women, decide to choose their partners through love relationships and their natural instincts, they run into problems because they are often taken on a rolled coaster of emotions  Given that a woman is more sentimental, emotional and romantic, she may easily be tempted by false appearances, especially if she is young. Many young women are frequently coerced to succumb to the requests of passion-obsessed young men. They often part with their modesty and gain nothing but emotional torment and turmoil. For these reasons and others, Islam advocates that young women especially require guidance of seniors of their family. 

Islam has a respectable system in bringing potential spouses together for the purpose of marriage. This system includes taking advice from senior family members, concentration upon the upright character of the spouses and supplication to Allah. This type of focused and controlled system contributes to the strength of the marriage, by ensuring that the choice is not based purely on lust and romance, but rather on spirituality, family guidance, and an objective evaluation of the compatibility of the couple. 

We should pray to Allah asking Him for guidance and the ability to remain steadfast on deen. 

May Allah grant us Hidaayah. 

Miss Muslimah. 


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