Why though? 

Why hold grudges?! 

I would like to share my thoughts with you. This is what I honestly think and it is annoying. Not slightly annoying, but really annoying! 

Why do people hold grudges? And when I mean hold grudges, they hold onto it forever. Say, someone hurt you in a certain way, yes ofcourse you cannot let go of the pain they caused you and just move on, but suddenly, you hate them, you despise them, you have anger towards them, you just want them dead, seriously?? 

I honestly think its a bit of pride that’s holding you back from actually being nice to them. Not extremely kind and sweet. Just greet them in a kind way. But no you will insist on greeting them and implying to them by your greeting that ‘i despise you’, or something like that. 

What would your Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam have done? 

Yes, be the better one. You going in your grave and they going in theirs. So if they are mean towards you it doesn’t mean you should be the same towards them. Its honestly stupid. 

What has happened to good Akhlaaq? 

Have we forgotten how my Nabi salAllahu alayhi wa salam treated those who hurt him? 

Have we forgotten the way we supposed to act? 

Are we losing our identities? 

And if someone tells us that a certain act of ours is wrong, accept that you are wrong and do not, i repeat do not try to justify your already wrong act, coz no right can ever be wrong and no wrong can ever be right!!! 
May Allah Ta’ala grant us the quality of forgiveness. May Allah Ta’ala grant us good Akhlaaq. 

Request for du’aas. 


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