I was blown away… 

I lowered my gaze in humility, 

Tears burned my eyes as I kept my gaze low, 

I couldn’t believe it, 

But I still never looked, 

And as I came closer, 

My heart rate quickened, 

I was excited, 

I was nervous, 

I repeated your name on my lips constantly, 

I continued walking in humility, 

And then I looked up, 

And my heart skipped a beat, 

Was I really here? I questioned, 

I looked at the Green Dome with awe, 

And as I uttered Salaat and Salaam to my Beloved صلي الله عليه و علي اله و  اصحابه اجمعين , I was taken aback, 

Words will never describe that feeling, 

I was infront of that being which the earth was created for, 

I was so grateful to my Rabb, 

Then when i had to depart from home, from Madinah Taiba, 

My heart broke in a million pieces, 

And I left my heart with all its million pieces in Madinah Taiba, 

O my Rabb, take me to Madinah again… 

O my Rabb, take me to Madinah again… 

O my Rabb, take me to Madinah again… 

With aafiyat and taqwa… 
O my Rabb, my desire is to be in Madinah, please take me back home, and grant me death in Madinah in a condition that You are pleased with me, o my Allah, make Jannatul Baqi my final resting place…. 


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