Sadness #Ramadhaan2016

You lie alone in grief..

Crying, hoping, wishing, but none can give you the satisfaction you want.

No one can fulfill your hearts desires.

No one can understand your pain.

Yes, they claim that they with you,

They claim they can understand you,

They claim all of this but none of it reassures you.

You still the same, drowning in your weakness.

You drowning in sorrow.

You want someone to just hold onto you and reassure you.

Someone who will show you what you need to be shown.

Someone who will give you that sense of hope.

But all turned away.

You look around you and in reality, there’s no one who is by your side but yourself.

You cry constantly.

And then magic happens.

That strand of hope which you assume is the last resort appears.

Not appears. It was there all along. It’s the stongest strand of hope.

The strongest…

And that is my Beloved Allah Ta’ala.

You can be sitting amongst a group of people but you are communicating with Allah.

You ask of Allah and He gives.

He loves you despite your sins.

He gave you Iman.

He loves you.

That’s the most reassuring feeling ever.

Oh Allah, I love You ♡


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