I’m in love #RAMADHAAN2016

And when we are finished, completely finished with life, I think of beauty. Beauty is either looks or personality? You either fall in love with the idea or the person?

But in my case of love, its different.

I am blown away.

Imagine Allah’s love?

A love that is so pure.

You can communicate with Him while sitting amongst a group of people.

He hears you from the inner depths of your heart.

My Allah is so beautiful.

Sunsets and sunrises?

Yeah they magnificent.

But the Rabb of the sun?

The Rabb of Yusuf عليه السام?


An ustaadh of mines gave us advice recently and her words are stuck in my head…

Acquire the love of Allah. I promise you if you have Allah’s love you have everything.
The Hadith says that o son of Adam, search for Me, you will find Me, and if you find Me, you have found everything..

But that is love.

The Most Purest Love.

Imagine being in love with the Rabb of Love? The Creator of love?

And when you awake for Tahajjud with only one intention to talk to your one and only Beloved – Allah Ta’ala.

And you cry,

And your heart cries,

And you make du’aa.

And it is all for one reason, for one purpose, to talk to Allah.

That is probably one of the best feelings ever.

After the Fardh Salaah, from the nawafil Tahajjud salaah is the most loved to Allah.

It’s amazing really how you can ask from Allah and He will answer you.

He will respond to you..

But sadly we are heedless, neglectful, lax, lazy,.. and we fulfill our duties to Him in a haphazard way.

But yet He will still shower us with His Mercy and forgiveness.

But that is love.

He will forgive you even if you come with the entire earth filled with sins…


O Allah!

I ask You for Your Love, and the love of those who love You, and the love of those actioms which You love.

A/N: I penned this post and I was really sad when it just got deleted without my doing. There’s good in that too…

May Allah accept.

Request for Du’aas.


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