We’ve got it all mixed up… #RAMADHAAN2016

I want to talk about an issue which is so prevelant that it supposedly needs no admonition due to how common it is. This just shows how ignorance has crept in our societies.

Allah Ta’ala says:

O those who believe enter into Islam completely, and do not follow the footsteps of Shaytaan..

I have noticed how many Muslims use Islam in a way that befits them. If a certain command pleases them, they follow it, but they’ll leave out another command just because it doesn’t co-incide with their desires.

Photography is something which almost every person ignores the impermissibilty of it. I am quite saddened to see many people and I am talking of females in niqab who take pictures of themselves. They upload such images on social media. Many niqabis upload pictures of themselves with their husbands. Besides the onlookers gazing at your own husband, his face is there! Do you love him enough to let the entire female population to see his face? Shaytaan can make you think evil that can be extremely ridiculous. Another woman can see your husband and find him attractive, is your love that cheap?

Many people mock Islam unknowingly. Some may tell others ‘mockingly’ that why are you taking pictures, it’s haraam but they themselves are involved in this sin.

Music is haram but how many listen to music knowingly but are oblivious to the fact that they’ve said music was haram.

Don’t allow your one act to contradict another. It makes others question.

I also notice many niqabis who communucate freely with the opposite gender on social media. It may be a chat and the world doesn’t know of it, but you giving Islam a bad look. How can you openly disobey Allah by having an illicit relationship while your face is supposed to be covered? This is a very sad reality.

Many niqabis post pictures of their arms, ankles, shoes (with ankles showing!), pictures of earings on your ears (minus the face), or a picture of yourself with an outfit (minus the face), this is something that needs to be spoken about. A women is a gem, she is supposed to be concealed. For teenagers/unmarried girls, imagine how pure spouses Allah will bless us with if we keep ourselves chaste and avoid doing such things? Would you like your ‘future husbands’ pictures of himself/his ‘abs’ to be on social media, and a whole group of girls drool over him? No, you wouldn’t. Well, I clearly wouldn’t want that.

“The pure are for the pure and the impure are for the impure..” (Quran)

So then, you want to post your pictures on social media and you want to marry someone who never took a single picture of himself, ever, how foolish are you?

Posting a picture with yourself and your husband – despite the impermissibilty of it, there’s another point I want to mention, you are happier with the world not knowing your relationship status. Many couples go through dilemmas and problems for the simple reason that the world can see their relationship. There is something called an ‘evil gaze’ which is true. Someone can look with jealousy at your photo and your life will become havoc, literally. (May Allah save us).

Do share the word!

May Allah grant us steadfastness.



2 thoughts on “We’ve got it all mixed up… #RAMADHAAN2016

  1. I couldn’t have said that better. Aside from Niqaabis posting pics. . What about people that post pics of their innocent babies & kids. . Yes, the evil eye is so real. . Your kid will be fine 1 day & the next he/she will be ill for no apparent reason. . Unexplainable fever, loss of appetite, misbehaviour whereas the kid was well behaved before. These things are real..

    1. I totally forgot about that one. But its true. When the baby is born, pictures of the baby are posted on social media and many gaze at it. Some gaze at saying so beautiful etc. Whilst others gaze at it with a jealous eye. What you are saying is 100% the truth. May Allah give us all the understanding! آمين

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