My Hearts Desire #Ramadhaan2016

My heart bleeds for the blessed places.

My heart yearns to be one of those lucky ones who will be making tawaaf around the Bait.

My heart yearns to be amongst those who’ll be performing Salaah behind the Imam, listening to the soothing words of the Qur’aan.

My heart yearns and bleeds just to gaze at the Blessed Ka’bah.

My desire increases everyday just to be drinking Zam-Zam and praying..

My hearts desire is to be in Madinah Munawwarah..

My heart wants to experience that comfort which can only be found in Al-Madinah. The city which my Rasul (alayhis salaam) is buried.

O my beloved Allah… it is this weak slave’s desire just to be blessed with the ziyaarat of the Haramain Shareefain, please accept my Labbaik and take me there with aafiyat (good health), ‘izat (honour), raahat (comfort) and qubuliyyat (acceptance).

O my Most Beloved Allah, Your slave is asking and You never turn away one who is asking, so please accept my du’aa and my Labbaik.

O my Allah, grant me the ability to avoid all sins when I do visit these blessed places.

O my Most Beloved Raheem Allah, please take this slave to Your Blessed Lands. With You, O my Allah – everything is possible…so Ya Rabb please fulfill my hearts desire.

O my most Merciful Rabb, when You take me there, grant me the ability to avoid sin in any form, minor and major. Enable me to fulfill Your rights and the rights of man.

O Allah, grant us the sanctity of the hold places.


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