Studying Tips!

This is a post which Siblings of Ilm from Instagram have written. It’s a lovely post. Do check out their page and folow it –

As exams draws near for many of us, we felt the need to share some revision tips which we personally carry out.

Plan out how much you will be doing for each kitāb, on what day and at what time. These then become your personal targets, if they are missed – you are required to do Qadhā of them in your personal time. – Go over everything!

Many will find that they aren’t able to grasp something as easily as others do – we are all different in different ways. Something your classmate may understand in one lesson may bug you for an entire week to get around your head, but never let it go. When it comes to revision, don’t just pass over it thinking “This won’t come!”, go over every intricate detail of the book and don’t depend on the minimal; you’re likely to achieve full marks.


This is dependant on which subject you are revising. You’ve been asked to memorise poetry – you will obviously memorise it. But as for rules, masāil and principles – don’t just memorise them stright from the book. Even if you pass with flying colours, that information will be gone. Whereas had you understood why the principle is such and how it materializes then you are likely to remember it for the exam as well as for the rest of your life! – Do a lot of revision
I personally find, sometimes I unearth more from a book at the time of revision as opposed to when I went through it the first time. Spend more time revising, pick up other books which are relevent to the topic and since you’ve already got the foundational knowledge from the core book, understanding this new book will be a walk in the park. For example, if you are revising Kitābus Salah in Hidāyah then pick up a book like Al Fiqh ul Islami by Sh. Akram Nadwi and read through the Chapter of Salah there. It’ll reinstil what you had learnt. . – Try new things
Some may find a certain way of revision easier as opposed to another, so don’t be afraid to try something new. .

I personally struggle to sit down and memorise a passage, so I record myself reading that passage and as I walk, drive or travel; I listen to the recording.

Sometimes, I allocate a certain fragrance for a specific book. It is scientific proven that smell brings to live memory cells, so when studying a certain book I may utilise a certain Itr, and on the day of that exam, I will again put that very same Itr on. It works.

Don’t be afraid. Try new things.

These are a few which may benefit InshaAllah. Share your tips in the comments below!

Personally I will give you few tips which have assisted me in my exams.

1. Correct your intention
If you correct your intention, everything will inevitably fall into place.
If you studying Maths, tell yourself that with this knowledge I will be able to calculate zakaat or inheritance one day.
If you learning a Hadith kitab like Riyadhus Saaliheen for example, you are learning to increase your knowledge, to propogate it one day etc…

2. Study with zeal and interest
If you study with yourself mentally there, you’ll be able to achieve a lot!

3. Get a good nights sleep
Don’t pull all nighters. That’s the worst. And don’t cram!!

4. Study what you can
Whatever you are able to study, study. Leave the rest in Allah’s Hands.

5. Durood!
If you increase your Durood, you will remember better.

I want to give a tip which I have noticed. It is as if it’s a miracle. SubhanAllah. Few weeks back, I started using the miswaak more often or more than normal. I noticed how easily I could memorise and study. I was amazed at this! SubhanAllah.

Click the link below for a list of du’aas for studying etc.




And lastly, have Tawakul (reliance) on Allah. “If you had to place your trust in Allah the right of His reliance, He would have sustained you like how He sustains the birds. They go out in the morning hungry and return in the evening with their bellies full..” (Hadith)


Request for Du’aas.


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