Forgiveness and Shukr

And let them pardon and let them overlook. (Do) not you like that Allah should forgive you? And Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Today I would like to rant to you about something we all need a reminder about.

As you have seen the Aayah above, forgiveness and overlooking?

It is sad how much a slip of a tongue can hurt another. How we can utter statements that to ourselves seem normal and okay, but to the next person is not.

The tongue is the smallest yet it’s sin is the greatest.

And that is how our hearts hurt; by mere words.

The wounds caused by the tongue can never be cured.

I repeat these words and I make du’aa to Allah that may He forgive the words which I may have uttered and it may have hurt another person.

“He doesn’t utter a word but that there is an angel by him..”

So forgiveness..
Sometimes it becomes very tiring on our side to forgive the next person for their harm against us. And it’s sad that it’s usually the people closest to us that hurt us.

I can tell you something from experience, someone told me something and it hurt. Those words hurt a lot.

Afterwards I came to a conclusion that

Firstly, I should forgive the next person. Do I not want Allah to forgive me as well?

Secondly, if I don’t make them maaf, it is a falut from my side. I have so much of pride that I cannot forgive the next person.

Thirdly, would my Nabi do such a thing?

So forgiveness is great.

Forgive others.

And we ourselves, myself included should watch our words.

This is the rights of people we talking about.
If I miss a Salaah, listen to music, don’t pay Zakaat, lie and actions like these, I can go to the musala and cry to Allah in repentance and my Most Beloved Allah will forgive me.

But if I have to hurt another Muslim, that is the rights we owe to creation, then if I repent, my taubah will not be accepted unless I ask the person for forgiveness.

The rights of creation is something great.

Today an Ustaadh of mines advised us. Her words replay in my head:

We lack the quality of shukr. Of making shukr.
At a young age, we have a mentality that we aren’t ‘perfect’.
We have personalities and we say that’s ourselves, we can’t change.
But we should change our personalities to make Allah happy.
In the times of ignorance, the Sahaba could spend an entire night engaged in futilities (drinking, gambling, talking) and that was their personality. But they changed it to such an extent that after Islam, they spent their nights engaged in Ibaadah.

We will never be beautiful if we had been created differently. Allah has made us this way and we should make shukr.

If we make shukr, Allah will increase us in the favours He has bestowed upon us.

How much our deen has taught us?

When we awake from our sleep, ‘Alhamdulillahiladhi…..” We’re making shukr.

But with that we should use the favours Allah has bestowed upon us in His obedience.

If our mother has gifted us a gift of a necklace, and after few days we break and damage that necklace, how would our mother feel? And that is us. Allah has blessed us with eyes, but with the very same eyes we look at people we’re not supposed to look at. He has given us ears and we listen to music and gheebah.

Sad reality…

And last week my Ustaadh told us something that I wish to tell you:

I promise you, if you have the love of Allah, you have everything. If you don’t have Allah, you don’t have anything..
I promise if you gain Allah’s love, you won’t need anything else…

May Allah bless us in Rajab and Sha’baan, and make us reach the montb of Ramadhaan!


Request for du’aas.


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