Book Review: Uswatun Hasanah

Uswatun Hasanah – The Excellent Example of Muhammed صلي الله عليه و سلم

Published by: Nurul Hudaa Publications

Copies available from: Madrasa Nurul Hudaa, 3 Daintree Avenue, Asherville, Durban, South Africa. ( / 073 786 4247 )

This kitab has been published under the ‘blessings’ of various ulama, to name a few, Mouana Muhammed Abbasomar, Mufti Zubair Bhayat and Moulana Suhail Motala (may Allah keep their shadows upon us for a long time).

The foreward of this kitab has been written by Hadhrat Moulana Shah Hakeem Muhammed Mazhar Saheb (daamat barakaatuhum).

This kitab has also been approved by Mufti Raza-ul Haq and Moulana Shabbir Ahmed Saloojee from Darululum Zakariyya.

This kitab is a very beneficial kitab for mothers as well as Maktab Madrassah teachers. This kitab has about 130 (or more) pages and each lesson is regarding a Sunnah of our beloved Nabi (alayhis salaam).

The lesson in a very easy and brief but comprehensive way explains a sunnah (eg. Of istinjaa) and says ‘ it is sunnah to squat and relieve oneself’.
Some lessons have a quiz at the end which have questions that are quite easy for children to understand. Other lessons contain a quiz where you have to fill in the blanks, while others have wordsearches.
In between there are ‘did you knows’ about our Nabi (salAllahu alayhi wa salam).

The book is very catching to the eye as it is in colour and has pictures to make the lessons more enjoyable!

A must have for mothers!

The author is this kitab I assume is a female and her name (pseudonym) is Umme Muhammed.

May Allah keep the Sunnah of our beloved Nabi in our lives till our last breath. May welive upholding the sunnah, and die with the sunnah as our ticket to Jannah!

In sha Allah, Aameen!.


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