I Miss You.

The world is a terrible place,
I wake up everyday thinking you’d come back,
I see you everywhere,
You at the back of my head,
You at the bottom of my heart,
But the best of it all – you in every single du’aa of mines.
I cry coz I miss you,
Coz I wish I could’ve told you how much you meant to me,
But you left all too soon,
It’s all too foreign to me,
I can’t breathe,
It feels like you right here,
Next to me,
But you not,
And it hurts.
I miss you so much,
And nothing can bring you back,
And that’s the sad truth,
Or maybe it’s the happy truth,
You happier,
Without this terrible world.

Oh how I wish I could just see your smile,
How I wish we could have those beautiful conversations,
They stored in my memories,
But won’t be in my future.

The only connection I have to you are memories..

And the closest connection is du’a..



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