Make a difference.

Allah in His Wisdom has made us amongst the Ummah of the greatest of man – Muhammed bin Abdillah (alayhis salam).

it is said that Allah had given the previous nations long lives to do plenty of good. We know that Nooh (alayhis salaam) lived for 950 years. There were approximately 25 000 Ambiyaa sent and each of them had a longer lifespan than us.

Allah has made the lifespan of our Ummah approximately 60/70 years. In that time we won’t be able to do as much good as those who lived for 100 and more years. That is why we see how easy our Deen is for us.

On a Friday after Asr Salaah if we read

اللهم صلي علي محمد و علي آله و سلم تسليما

(Allahuma sali ala Muhammediw wa ala aalihi wa salim tasleema)

Then we will get 80 years of good deeds written and 80 years of sins will be forgiven.

We see so many actions which we think are insignficant but in reality are great in Allah’s Eyes.

“Do not regard insignificant even sending a goat/sheep trotter to your neighbour..” (Hadith)

“Do not regard anything insignficant even if it is meeting your Muslim brother with a cheerful face.”

So the act may be small in your eyes but in Allah’s Eyes, it is a great act.

You never know, you might have said a good word to someone that day, and later in the evening while you are asleep, du’aas are made for you.

Make a difference in someone’s life.

And you will experience differences in yours.

“A good word is charity..”


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