Adam عليه السلام

Adam عليه السلام is mentioned in the Qur’aan a total of 25 times, in a total of 25 verses, which are:

In Surah Baqarah, the following aayat – 31, 33, 34, 35 and 37.

In Surah Aale Imran, the following aayat – 33 and 59.

In Surah Maidah, aayat 27.

In Surah A’raaf- the following aayat – 11, 19, 26, 27, 31, 35 and 172.

In Surah Isra- the following aayat- 61 and 70.

In Surah Kahf – aayat 50.

In Surah Maryam – aayat 58.

In Surah Ta-Ha- the following aayaat – 115, 116, 117, 120 & 121.

In Surah Yaseen – aayat 60.

That is a total of 25 times.

The Question Arises where was it that Adam and Hawah عليهما السلام landed when they descended to the earth.
In DurulMukhtaar, it is related from Ibn Abbas رضي الله عنهما that Adam عليه السلام Hawah عليها السلام, Iblis and the snake landed in a place called Dajnah, which is situated somewhere between Makkah and Taif. It is also said that Adam عليه السلام landed at Safa (a well known mountain in Makkah) and that Hawah عليها السلام landed at Marwah.

There are many different narrations regarding where they descended but it is sufficient to say that we learn from the many narrations that Adam عليه السلام descended to earth in India, on a mountain that is called ‘Baudh’, on the island of Sri Lanka (Serendib/Ceylon), just below the Indian Subcontinent.

As for Adam عليه السلام’s grave, it is said that he was buried in the mountain of Abu Qubais. There are various views regarding this issue.

Jeddah is where Hawah عليها السلام is buried, hence the name ‘Jeddah’ which means ‘grand mother’.


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