Valentines Day ♡

So you’re in love?

So you can’t get her off your mind?

So you can’t get him off your mind?

You’re so infatuated with him. He is so darn perfect.

I promise! Just look at him.

She is absolutely gorgeous. She has such an amazing personality. I’m in love!

Oh look she posted a picture of us on Instagram. I can’t..she is such an amazing person mahn! I genuinely love her.

Oh I’m sure you do.

I’m sure you love her enough to allow her and yourself to opportunity to sin more.

The opportunity to get further involved in zina. (Zina isn’t just the act itself. There’s zina of the eyes, ears, heart…etc. May Allah keep us chaste and pure.)

Your love your girl enough – not to ask her to do things the Halaal way.


Be a man and speak to your parents. Don’t involve yourself in further sin. .

🔴Valentines of Heartbreak & Lies!🔴

Every February, the media goes into overdrive promoting love and affection in the form of Valentines. Valentines, like other events that are hyped up by the media, are money-making tools, clever marketing that manipulates your emotions to get into your wallet.

Yet with all this supposed romance in the air, statistics show that instead of Valentines being the day of love, there are more break-ups and divorces at this time in the western world than at any other time of the year.

The media thrives on peddling fantasy as reality and if we buy into their hype, we feel quite bitter when these fantasies do not materialise. For the many whose Valentine’s fantasy are not realized or who do not receive a valentines, this period can be one of the most depressing times in the year. This does not affect adults only, kids in school are more affected due to their relatively fragile emotions.

We need to take a hard look at our lives and see the direction that we are heading into and the challenges that face our children. Take notice of your own feelings and special notice of your children on the 14th of February and gauge the affect this day has in our lives. It is impossible to embrace a un-Islamic lifestyle and not be affected by its highs and lows. If we truly wish happiness in our lives, then it will only come when we put Allah and His Rasool Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam first and choose Islam as our way of life.

Jamiatul Ulama KZN, South Africa

Allah is with you always ♡

Twitter: @missmuslimah9
Instagram: missmuslimah_9


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