Have You Ever?

I know this is really deep…

But here goes…

Have you ever met someone who broke you so much that it actually fixed you?

You were so enthralled by them that you just couldn’t…

They captured your soul by mere words or character.

Their eyes directed you to the purity of their soul.

You were so captivated that all you could so was break into million pieces only to be repaired immediately.

Their eyes told a different story.

Their actions held so much of love and support in them.

You were so enlightened by the mere whiff of  perfume that you mind raced around the clock. You felt inspired.

You were such a broken piece of thread, so broken..yet they broke you further only to repair you again.

You might say, this is love. But what if it’s not? What’s if it’s something completely different to love.

It doesn’t have to be about love always.

These are the type of people you should attach yourself to.

Maybe when all the souls were gathered, their soul and yours was facing each other which resulted in such a strong and severe ‘attraction’ towards them.

Remember it doesn’t have to be about love always.

So if you’ve met a person who broke you so much that it fixed you, keep them close..pray for them..help them… and be a bossom friend to them


Allah is with you always ♡

Miss Muslimah

Email: missmuslimah9@gmail.com
Twitter: @missmuslimah9
Instagram: missmuslimah_9



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