Maybe you miss home…

Maybe you day dreaming of your home..

Maybe you missing home..

Maybe home isn’t a place but a feeling..

Maybe home is the ‘feeling’ you are desirous of..
Maybe you are yearning for something like home..

Maybe home isn’t what you’re thinking about..

Maybe home is Madinah Munawara..


Maybe home is saying salaam to Nabi (salAllahu alayhi wa salam)..

Maybe home is looking at te Green Dome with a feeling… that this is home..

Maybe home is reciting Qur’an in Masjidun Nabawi (salAllahu alayhi wa salam)..

Maybe that is home..

Maybe home is praying salaah as the Imaams voice echoes through the walls of that so very blessed place – home..

Maybe your heart is there ..and your mind is there..but you physically here..

Maybe you left your heart in The City of Peace..

Maybe your heart is lost..

Maybe your heart desires that it be cooled with the spiritual breeze of Madinah Al Munawara..

Maybe your mind desires that it be put at ease with the calmness of the place you call home..

Maybe you really really want to go to the City of Peace..

Maybe you are missing home so much..

Maybe you just want to be comforted with the scent of peace from the place you call home..

O Allah..I have left my heart there…please take me to the blessed places; Makkah, Madinah and Baitul Maqdis…

O Allah ..take us with aafiyah and strong iman..

O Allah..we are so desirous of visiting these places…so please fulfill our desires..

Allah is with you always ♡

Miss Muslimah

Twitter: @missmuslimah9
Instagram: missmuslimah9

A/N: My Instagram account has changed. Please follow me – missmuslimah_9


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