A Vivid Memory

It was a normal Saturday night. The boys weren’t going out..unfortunately.
Anyhow, I preferred my own company.

I chilled..plugged my earphones in and blocked the world out.

That was my way of comfort.

I had been through a whole lot in my life. Being a 16 year old meant that I never took my life seriously.

I’m still 16 right?

I was quite exhausted that evening. But I chilled nonetheless.

I was chatting to some girls when I remember exactly how the whole scene unfolded.

It was exactly 2:09am on Sunday morning when my cell rang.
No one ever calls on my cell except out of emergency.
So you can imagine what thoughts went through my already occupied mind at that time of the morning.

It was Ozayr. My very close buddy. We had a very close relationship, despite the differences. Ozayr was the guy who always encouraged to good. He was my man. I loved him. He was an amazing person and I never realised that.

“Moe, it’s Ebrahim; Ozayr’s brother…uhh Ozayr had a ..uhh…little accident..”

“Is he okay?” I asked before he could continue.

“No. Infact he never made it. ”

And he cut the call. Or I cut the call. I can’t remember.

What had just happened?!

I had lost my friend. My brother.

I was emotionless for about a minute until everything registered in my mind. I jumped out of bed and called Ebrahim directly.

He just answered telling me to come to the scene.

I never had my license but I risked my life. I drove like a maniac. Fortunately, I arrived in one piece.

I rushed to the scene.

the memory is so vivid, I swear.

Ozayr’s sister, Layyana was crying hysterically. She was knelt next to his body wiping her tears furiously.

I ran to Ozayr and screamed mentally when I seen my friend…my brother…dead. lifeless.
He was gone.

For good.

I never knew what to do.

Ebrahim looked like a wreck.

Ozayr was drowning a blood. There was blood almost everywhere.

I couldn’t handle it any longer.

I needed something to punch. To break.

I needed to take out my anger on something. On someone.

I guess I needed time. But in that moment of despair, I forgot.

I had just lost someone?!

How would I survive?

Ozayr was my best buddy. Ozayr and I had met many years back in pre school. He was my friend despite me being so messed up and upto nonsence. He always said that I can become better.

Ozayr believed in me when no one did.

Ozayr comforted me when no one did.

Ozayr and I had conversations that up until today I have never had with anyone else.

Ozayr was my inspiration.

And I miss him.

So very much.

They had to take his body for further examination. Ebrahim and I went to his house.

There was going to be a funeral.

Since the day my grandfather’s brother had passed on, I had hated funerals. All I wanted to was cry. But I never cried. Coz I was Muhammed Ismaeel. And Muhammed Ismaeel never cried in public.

Oh what is even wrong with me?

I was hurt beyond comprehension.

I think of all the memories when I’m alone..and I can’t stop the tears from flowing.

I miss him so much.

the day Ozayr left us was the day I changed. I left my past and began a new life.

Sometimes I’d randomly punch the wall..thinking of the moments spent with him.

But at the end of the day I learnt that don’t wait for a calamity to befall you-  to change…

Change for the better the day after yesterday and the day before tomorrow.


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