I can’t deal with my life any longer.

In life..

Okay . Just wait.

You knew this was gonna be about some deep inspirational stuff?

But that’s our life motto; aspiring to inspire!

Enough with the jokes.

You know sometimes in life, we lie in bed, crying about all the depressing things in life.
We dwell on our sadness just to increase in sadness.
We feel down coz nothing is coming right.
You too tired to wait for happiness.
You just want to end your life.
You’ve sinned so much.
Your life is a huge mess.
On the other hand, you have problems to deal with. And these are real life problems, not jokes.
But you can’t any longer.

You so tired of feeling useless..of feeling hopeless.. of this feeling. This feeling of unwantedness? This feeling of unappreciation?
This feeling of feeling so messed up you just wanna die.

You think of killing yourself. But you can’t do that. You still have so many goals to achieve.

Oh flip this.

Your fists are ready to pounce, to punch. Your anger is at it’s peak.

You can’t deal any longer.

Life is too tough?!

What the hell?!

How longer are you gonna continue like this?

You can’t help but feel like this.

You just want happiness. You just looking for happiness.

Oh let me tell you.

Who ever said life is going to be filled with happiness?!


My dearest friend; life is life. Life has it’s ups and downs. You have to feel low and down to function properly again. You are an amazing person. If the creation never noticed your effort or pain, the Creator most definitely noticed it. He has a greater plan for you. He loves you.

You Allah loves you.

We all feel down. And it’s okay to feel like that. It’s also okay to vent out to someone. You can’t keep everything in your chest. Don’t bottle it up.

Get up. Explore the world.

Don’t worry if others look at you differently, you are unqiue. You need no one to tell you otherwise.

Be yourself.

You will always go through trials and tests. And I know how it can be, but you can’t make your struggle your identity. If we all did that…okay wait, lemme not think.

Don’t dwell on the past. The past has passed. We not going on that road.

I know everyone says ‘its gonna be okay’ but it doesn’t ever feel like it’s gonna be okay. But trust me, one day you’ll look back and think to yourself, I was so foolish, that was such a minor thing!

Things were meant to be this way…

If you’ve lost friends, so it be.
If you’ve lost a close friend or family member, pray from them…that’s what will bring a smile to their face. It’s okay to miss them…
If you’ve lost yourself, find yourself and do something. Do something that you find yourself happy doing.

It’s okay not to feel okay. .



Allah is with you always ♡

Miss Muslimah

Email: missmuslimah9@gmail.com
Twitter: @missmuslimah9



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