A tale

“We on this journey..” he whispered as he walked me into his exclusive house on our first day as a couple. “We’ll go through the trials patiently as we traverse this beautiful journey.”

And you are awaiting the story of love?
Hold your horses!

Let me tell you something about life.

All love is actually fake. All crushes are useless. It’s called infatuation, yeah?

I know you see that hanfsome young lad, with green or hazel eyes, muscular built, tall, and a lovely scent eminates from him.

Oh dear! You’ve got it all wrong!

He is good looking, no denying.. but it’s fake!
It can never be true love.

But you think in your head, I’ve never felt like this, he must be the one!

No no and no!

This is not true love.

But I think of him everyday! His on my mind 24/7..okay almost 24/7. I just can’t…

You messed up.

That’s shaytaan.

Shaytaan will make you think he is an angel. That this victim of your infatuation does no wrong, he is just perfect!

But you are really messed up, this is FAKE!

All love before marriage is fake.

Love is only found after nikah.

And if you found love before nikah, you should make nikah to stop yourself from future sin.

Nowadays, we live in a society where almost everyone thinks they’re in ‘love’. They go all emo over the net, tweeting or talking about ‘love’ and ‘broken hearts’, but that is not love.

How many times Allah says in the Quran:
“And Shaytan has beautifed their actions for them..”

Love is fake again.

I don’t want to break your already ‘broken heart’ but it’s infatuation, shaytan infused relationships.

Even crushes, they just crushes.

If you meant to be together, it’ll be (if Allah wills it good for you)

But if not, Allah has a much better guy for you. A guy who will wake you up for Tahajjud maybe?


This is funny.

But from what I’ve heard, this is the truth.

How can there be barakah in a relationship where Allah’s curse is upon both parties?!

O Allah..save us from falling into the trapz of shaytaan.

O Allah..guide us onto the straight path.

O Allah..grant us You True Love and the love of those whom You love and love for the actions which You love.

May Allah grant all those suitable for nikah spouses who will motivate them spiritually, uplift them, encourage them to good, accept them for who they are and a marriage the likes of Nabi (salAllahu alayhi wa salam) and Aaishah (radhiyAllahu anha).


P.S. Remember this was a totally random post. I am only a teenager and I am learning just like all of you.

P.S: On the day of Qiyaamah, 7 people are guranteed shade under the arsh of Allah, two of those are two people who love each other for the pleasure of Allah, they meet and depart for His Pleasure.

P.S: All love is fake except loving Allah and loving for the pleasure of Allah.

P.S: Remember to tell your close aquaintances that you love them for the pleasure of Allah.

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Allah is with you always ♡

Miss Muslimah

Email: missmuslimah9@gmail.com
Twitter: @missmuslimah9



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